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MCE-5 VCRi:Distort generally accepted ideas

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Distort generally accepted ideas list:

Responses to
the main negative
preconceptions concerning
MCE-5 VCRi technology

  1. icon infos Major investments and factory modifications will be necessary in order to make it [O]
  2. icon infos Carmakers already ready have working VCR solutions available [P]
  3. icon infos It’s competing with other technologies [Q]
  4. icon infos We don’t know how to manufacture the parts [R]
  5. icon infos Its service life is not compatible with that of a vehicle [S]
  6. icon infos It’s not the right time to develop this type of technology during an economic crisis [T]
  7. icon infos Carmakers are only interested in their own technologies [U]
  8. icon infos Its architecture is radically different and can’t be retrofit into existing engines [V]
  9. icon infos We don’t need VCR to improve engines since other solutions exist [W]
  10. icon infos It’s too complex; it’s possible to make simpler VCR engines [X]
  11. icon infos It increases friction [Y]
  12. icon infos It’s too expensive [Z]
  13. icon infos It does not enable the control of cubic capacity [1]
  14. icon infos It’s too bulky [2]
  15. icon infos It’s heavy [3]
  16. icon infos It makes noise and vibrates [4]
  17. icon infos We can replace VCR with VVA [5]
  18. icon infos It only applies to high-end vehicles [6]
  19. icon infos VCR is not on the carmaker’s roadmap [7]

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